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夢想與驕傲 My Dream

羅思 Rose Ann A. Concepcion
來自菲律賓卡布堯市/自 2014 年來臺/目前擔任家庭看護工

我小時候想成為一位工程師,或者當個畫家也不錯。 我真的好想成為一個藝術家。



身為海外菲律賓籍工作者,我很驕傲, 憑藉自己的能力買下了一間房子, 為家人,尤其是小孩,建造更多夢想。 





Every person has dream in life whether young or old. Like me, since I was a kid I dream to an Engineer or maybe a full pledged painter artist. Because this is really my desire to be an artist. But when I was in college I did not pursue, because my parents could not afford me to send in quality school. So I diverted my desire as General Radio Communication Operator. However, I always participate some activities everytime they have a painting competitions in school and I was one of the winners in competitions; I'm so glad that I was well known in the campus. And until now I'm still enhanced my passion in painting. And I would like to thank my 老闆 here in Taiwan because they supported me as well. This is not just my only my dream in life, I have one more dream is to have my own business someday and I hope wish come true so that I can help those people who are less fortunate people around me. In so much, I always whispering to myself " kung ipinanganak lang sa akong mayaman" (if only I was born with golden spoon). Even though I did not fulfill those dreams in my life, there is one thing sure that make me proud to myself as an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) here in Taiwan I bought a house and lot that I dream for my family especially to my children.

In fulfilling your dreams, you need to plan and work hard according to it. It will lead you to a right path and stay focused on your dream. Never forget to dream big too. These will help you to overcome every obstacle in life. Because my motto in life goes this way " Success has never been sweeter without a sacrifice." So don't lose your hope always stay positive and believe in yourself this way you can achieve your dreams. And I thank you Taiwan, the heart of Asia, my greener pasture.

Rose Ann A. Concepcion

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