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Donna Domingo Lanuza
來自菲律賓西民都洛省/自 2010 年來臺/目前擔任家庭看護工






















Dream big, work hard and make it happen

(A mother's thoughts and prayers)

Donna Domingo Lanuza

Taiwan is so called a stepping stone for Filipino dreams, there's an opportunity here in Taiwan that helps us migrant worker to sustain our family needs way back home. A thousand miles away from our loved ones is hard, especially being Mom, you will miss special events that you are supposed to be there such as Yuletide and birthdays which is very important in Filipino tradition and you will find yourself wiping out your own tears due to unexplainable feelings when homesick attack. 


Every person has a dream that they wanted to fulfil, starting from childhood dreaming to have a toy, teenage days where dreaming about holidays, and college stage where aiming for higher grades and to finish their studies that they can use for pursuing dreams.


Asking myself "What is my dream?"


By myself I have plans, wants and goals which I need to push myself onto another better level such as to work hard and be patient enough to wait for the long process and to make the dreams turn into a reality that is called future. 


Way back the old days, when I was young I don't have that big dream, as I told before having a good job and high salary is enough to sustain my needs and wants, but everything change in just a snap when a princess became a mother, changes includes the future plans and the pressure for raising a child all by yourself, so from being Easy go lucky single, my life changed and I become a dreamer that believes that I can aim higher than the mountain, bluer than the skies and colourful as a rainbow that promises a better tomorrow, as a single mom you need to settle not just for one but you need to dream for TWO coz you doubled yourself and has to double your dream.


Currently, I am a dreamer who has a big aspirant going to Canada. Why Canada? Because there's a better promise of tomorrow not just for me but especially for my little girl, in terms of education, health and well-being, and as a parent where I can bring her with me and we can live as a family, which I missed a lot while working overseas, I've spent half of her existence away from her and it feels like a pinch in my heart when there's a special event that she needs mom, phone calls isn't enough to guide her and to fill her emotional needs, once you heard she says "mommy uwi ka na, lagi na lang akong walang mommy" those words made me even better person, but makes me feel incomplete that’s why I worked hard and pray to God that one day all this dream will turn into a reality, I just need to focus and do my very best and let the entire process goes along way.


And I'm thankful for my parents and sister who become my shoulder when I lose hope, they always remind me that I can do it, and they trust me that one day I will achieve my dreams because the future awaits.


And I do believe that dreams are essential when you dream big with all your heart and you will be able to achieve even bigger.


Donna Domingo Lanuza 12~27~2020

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